June 2016 Salisbury Composite Exam Schedule

Please click on the following link to view the 2016 Salisbury Composite High School Exam Schedule:

Salisbury June 2016 Exam Schedule

Grad 2016 Information

Grad Tickets:

Grad 2016 Ceremony and Prom tickets will be on sale on April 11 in the General Office at Salisbury. To print the order form please click on the following link:

Ticket Order form

Completed order form must be brought to the office for purchase with cash or cheque. Please remember school fees must be in good standing before tickets can be purchased.


Grad Ceremony Gown:

All students must pay a Grad Gown deposit through Invite Right by May 17 in order to have their Gown for the Ceremony. Please click on the following link to pay your deposit fee online:

Grad Gown Rentals 2016



Electronic Recycling

SAL is proud to continue our recycling with Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) to collect electronic items. Families may continue to drop items off at Salisbury at any time. You are also invited to bring them on March 10 during Interviews. We collect most program eligible electric items (i.e. anything with a plug or battery-operated devices such as TV’s, computers, monitors, cellphones and toys), but exclude large appliances such as Fridges, Stoves, Ovens, Dishwashers, BBQs, Washers, and Dryers.


myPass Information:


New this year: Diploma Exam result statements are now available through myPass

Starting with the April 2015 Diploma Exams, students will now need to retrieve their exam results through myPass—a self‑service website for high school students. Result statements for Diploma Exams are now be available exclusively online using myPass. Printed results statements will no longer be mailed.

In addition, the Statement of Courses and Marks has been replaced with the Detailed Academic Report (DAR), which is also available exclusively online using myPass.

myPass enables high school students to:

  • access their Results Statement;
  • view their demographic information;
  • view their DAR;
  • view their progress toward their diploma or certificate; and
  • Order and pay for a transcript.

Specific information on how to sign up for myPass will be provided to all students who write diploma examinations. Schools will pass along information to their students. More general information on myPass will be provided to students and schools in the fall of 2015.

For more information visit: https://education.alberta.ca/students/transcripts/online.aspx

Alberta Education makes two key changes for senior high schools:

Alberta Education recently announced two important changes for senior high school students, it says, will offer a fairer reflection of student learning and more learning opportunities.

The first change concerns diploma exam weighting. As of Sept. 1, 2015 diploma exam weighting will shift from a 50/50 weighting to a 30/70 weighting where school-awarded grades will be worth 70 percent. The change was made so that grades reflect a more accurate depiction of student performance by putting a greater weight on teachers’ assessments of students’ abilities and knowledge. The first round of diploma exams to be written with the new weighting will take place in November, 2015.

The second change deals with new dual-credit partnerships. Students will now have more opportunities to earn post-secondary credits or workplace certification while completing high school with 24 new partnerships. For example, students can now take high school courses in carpentry, welding, esthetics, and accounting and get credits at a post-secondary institution.

For more information visit www.education.alberta.ca


Newsletter Information for Acorn and Student Fees

Pay school fees easily using PowerSchool

The 2015–2016 school fee information will be available through PowerSchool. To access your fee information, simply login to your Parent Portal account (https://powerschool.eips.ca/public/home.html) and click the green dollar sign symbol. Once logged in you will be able to view fees and have the ability to pay online using Visa, MasterCard, or INTERAC Online (if available from your financial institution).

Keep and mind, school fees may change. Junior high and senior high fees will change as courses are added and deleted. School fees may also be added to your child’s account throughout the year for various school activities including field trips, class projects, athletic team fees, and more—so besure to login to your account regularly in case new fees are added.

For more information about school fees and payment deadlines visit www.eips.ca/fees.


Software Upgrade Notice: Online payments

Are you currently using a computer with the operating system Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Millennium, or earlier? If so, you will want to be aware of a new security upgrade that takes effect July 1, 2016.

All encryption securities around the globe are being upgraded on July 1. The upgrade will improve security for all online banking and online purchasing systems. However, if you are using any operating system less than Microsoft Windows 7, you will no longer be able to use online banking nor use any online purchasing tool, including the Division’s online payment system, ACORN.

If you are using an operating system that came out earlier than Microsoft Window 7, you will need to either upgrade your operating system or purchase a new computer to conduct any online banking or purchasing. NOTE: The security upgrade doesn’t affect Apple users.

For more information visit https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/205043158-PCI-3-1-and-TLS-1-2.

If you have additional questions regarding your child’s fees, or if you are new to the school and need assistance, please contact Mrs. Jackie Uhrig, Business Manager or Mrs. Karen Schlegl, Bookkeeper Assistant at 780-467-8816.

EIPS Student Transportation Information

Student Transportation: 2016–2017 registration is now open

If your child plans to use Student Transportation for the 2016–2017 school year, please make sure to register as soon as possible.

Families currently accessing transportation will soon receive tentative route schedules and invoices. Transportation fees are due by June 30, 2016.

If you have questions about registration, invoicing, or if your child isn’t currently registered for bus service and you have plans to access transportation for the 2016-2017 school year, please contact EIPS Student Transportation at 780-417-8151 or email st@eips.ca.

NOTE: Student Transportation is open in the summer, so if you have any questions about registration or invoicing please contact EIPS’ Student Transportation at 780-417-8151 or by using the online contact form at www.eips.ca/contact.

All transportation inquiries are directed to Student Transportation thru the EIPS website (st@eips.ca), call 780-417-8151, or click on the following links:

Student Transportation


Student Transportation Fees


Transportation Online payments



Sal App

Please feel free to download our new Salisbury Composite High Companion app at the App Store or Google Play Store. That’s right, Sal has its own companion app, which features a digital copy of our school handbook, bell times, school maps, and links to all our school information sites like our twitter and Facebook pages and The Sal Network.  So head to the App store or Google play store now to download your free Salisbury Composite High App.

Google Play Link:



Parent/Student Info: EIPS Emergency Preparedness Procedures

As a member of Elk Island Public Schools, Salisbury Composite is concerned for the safety and security of its students and staff.  Please click on the following link to view information on the School Division's Emergency Preparedness program.

Parent Info - E.I.P.S. Emergency Preparedness



Artist of the Week

Congratulations to Salisbury's Artists of the Week, Sydney and Krista. Sydney for her excellent Reflected Self portrait and Krista for her colorful Oil Painting. Great work!

To view, click Artist of the Week.


Division News