Board Approves Revised Boundaries for Rural Strathcona County

At the December Board Meeting, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) Board of Trustees approved revised elementary and senior high boundaries for rural Strathcona County, which will take effect in September 2014.


The revisions designate the area west of Range Road 232 between the Whitemud Freeway extension and Wye Road to Pine Street Elementary and Salisbury Composite High (this area is already currently designated to Sherwood Heights Junior High for grades 7-9). These changes follow the feeder school philosophy we have implemented wherever possible in EIPS by aligning the elementary, junior high, and senior high boundaries with each other so all students living in this area are designated together to the same series of schools for Kindergarten to Grade 12. The approved maps will be available on the division website at later in January.


The Board also approved the opportunity for all current students affected by the boundary changes to finish out all grades at the school they are currently attending, rather than moving to a new school in the middle of their elementary or senior high years. Transportation services will be available for these students, but a non-designated school transportation fee will apply for students accessing busing.


EIPS staff will now begin planning for the changes and communicating with families who will be affected by the revised boundaries. Watch your school newsletter, mailbox, and school and division websites for additional information in January and February.

Pre-enrolment Process

EIPS encourages parents/guardians to register their children at their designated school, and students have guaranteed access to their designated school. However, we understand some situations exist whereby parents/guardians may wish to register their children at a non-designated school. Through the pre-enrolment process, EIPS students can pursue attending a non-designated school as long as there is space and the student submits a request to attend a non-designated school prior to the deadline.

The online pre-enrolment process for the 2018-19 school year takes from March 1 to 15, 2018. This is the only time of year students from Grades 1 to 12 wanting to attend a non-designated school in the upcoming school year can apply to do so.